Helsinki AirJet Hot Spa

We warmly introduce you to the top forth portable Jacuzzi on our list. Bestway Helsinki AirJet is one of the best inflatable hot tub can fit well up to seven people. You can have a great conversation with your loved one along with an incredible massage experience. Its unique Freeze Shield technology lets you amuse from a hot spa throughout the year.


This technology prevents warm water from getting cold. Whether it’s a hot summer day or cold winter days, you can feel the true relaxation every single day. All of its functions like inflation, filtration and heating are controlled by a digital control panel. The overall 83 air jets ensures you an ultimate soothing massage. The AirJet system allows you to float away on the bubble clouds and get a fabulous massage. For a smooth massage simply press the massage button the control panel. Bubbles will surround you and give you an incredible massage experience.

Technical Specifications

The 40-degree centigrade warm water can re-refresh your mind. This versatile inflatable Jacuzzi can heat, filter and massage at the same time. It’s too roomy. Even if you are above six feet not a problem at all. You can still entertain yourself from a hot spa. Premium drop stitched material is used during construction.

  • This traditional construction results in a sturdy portable hot tub.
  • It has an eye-catchy wooden design.
  • Its protective cover has double lock clips for ultimate security.
  • It is quick to set up and does not require any tools or professional.
  • The integrated ChemConnect dispenser makes the chemical maintenance simple and easy.
  • The dispenser can get attached to the inner walls. You just have to add a chlorine tablet to get rid of chemicals.
  • As safety is the priority, so this portable spa has a ground detection system along with RCD.
  • Now you can enter your desired hot tub with peace of mind.
  • Thus, it’s a great portable hot tub with numerous fancy features at such an economical price.

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