Goplus Portable hot tub

Due to various features, sturdy structure, and affordable price, it is our third recommendation. View our full of top portable hot tubs and jacuzzi spas at Goplus inflatable hot tub is great when you have a tight budget. It is exceptional for newly-wed couples. With this portable hot spa, you will get deep relaxation. After a tiring busy day, you definitely need some rest. While taking rest you have to ignore your partner. So if you want to rest and a romantic chat at the same time, then this is your destiny.


For romantic vibes, you just need this brilliant hot spa by Goplus. The super massage system is mind-blowing. It is best for stress relief. It can also improve your sleeping. Isn’t it awesome? You can inflate it like a breeze without any pump. This square outdoor pool two sides of 60 inches. The other two sides are 25 inches each. It only has 47 pounds of weight. It consumes 1500W power. It can occupy 2-4 persons without any trouble. It has a water capacity of 147 gallons.

Technical Specifications

The digital controller has heat, massage, filter and temperature options. So the mesmerizing spa experience on your fingertips. It features a rapid heating system with trustworthy material. The advance and the quick heating system save your time and electricity. Its heating rate is approximately 35oF per hour that is pretty impressive.

  • The heating time depends on the water temperature. The more cold water, the more time it will take to heat the water.
  • According to majority customers, its maximum temperature is 108oF rather than 104oF as per advertisement.
  • The insulated cover maintains the temperature when not in use.
  • It can also protect the spa from dust and rain.
  • The cover has handles for rapid mobility.
  • For the ultimate full-body comfort, it has an agronomic design.
  • The desired square shape with eye-catchy color is too much appealing.
  • It is made from solid PVC material. With the innovative I Beam technology, it cannot bend even you sit on the edges.
  • It has all the luxury features that can maximize the overall spa experience.
  • For quality time with your partner or friend, it is the best choice.
  • With this Goplus hot spa fell the adventure of the luxurious sauna at an economical price. Buy it now, you will never be sorry to get it

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