Best Inflatable Hot Tub in 2020

Looking for the portable hot tub to buy? Find the best Inflatable hot tubs for your needs and shop the portable jacuzzi spa here. Based on various features, they are nominated by comparing their aspects with others. Aspects like comfort, seating capacity, price, durability, message system, heat system, and filtration. A hot tub has numerous benefits that will never let you regret buying it. For centuries, public spas are a part of the tradition. People from various countries and cultures take inflatable spas for boosting energy of their bodies and mind. Now a days portable spas have replaced them. But keep in mind important specs To look when purchasing them plus the uses of hot tubs for your health. Here are Our Top Picks For the Best Inflatable Hot Tubs:

  • Best Relaxing: Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best 6 Person: Intex 85in Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Jacuzzi: Modern Depo Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Airjet: Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best 2 Person: ALEKO 145 Gallon Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Premium: Realtree SaluSpa MAX 5 Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Outdoor: Goplus Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Bubble: Bestway Helsinki Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best For Family: Gymax Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Budget: Aleko Spa 210 Gallon Portable Hot Tub
  • Best 4 Person: Goplus Portable Hot Tub
  • Best Cheap: Aleko Family Size Inflatable Hot Tub
  • Best Portable: Intex PureSpa 77in Inflatable Hot Tub

As with advancement, we become lazy and less social. But our desire for a hot steamy spa is still the same. Portable jacuzzi are a great deal to get ease your stress. A home spa has magnificent healing powers that is a single solution to end tiredness.

portable jacuzzi

The Coleman is top recommendation to buy as it fulfills all the needs of portable jacuzzi, digital display, wide and deep body and complete inflatable spa solution. Also see in the Coleman Hot Tub Review why we have picked it as #1 portable spa. While Intex spa review is the 2nd recommended tub as it stands #2 in the list.

UPDATED: January 16, 2020.

These are the Top 10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs To Buy:

Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tub: Bestway
Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub
Bestway Hot Tub

This inflatable spa has adjustable HydroJets. For ultimate relaxation, every nozzle delivers water bubbles. Now you can get rid of the whole day’s tiredness and enjoy a healthy life. The pump with this hot tub has the latest integrated technology. This heating system is responsible to warm water up to 40oC.

Remove your whole day fatigue with the HydroJet hot tub. This portable Bestway Palm Springs is for four to six persons. Within minutes you can install it, both indoor and outdoor. With the help of the spa pump, you can inflate it without any trouble. Regardless of being inflated and deflated on regular basis, this hot spa is still rigid. It has a leather-like texture and earth tone color. The massage system features 114 air jets. With its massage jets, you can heal your soaking sore muscles. So for a healthy and stress-free life, enjoy a hot spa in this portable hot tub.

Tritech material used in inflated walls makes them comfortable and durable. To prevent any damage the walls are supported by thousands of embedded threads. Equipped with a magnificent shielding system. The Freeze Shield sensor protects the inner parts from being damaged. It also prevents water to freeze and maintain its temperature.

Its adorable round design is pleasant to look at. The sensational much more space gives an incredible spa experience. The timer will save your energy in setting the heating time again and again. You can schedule the hot tub when starting heating the water. Thus, the relaxing hot spa will welcome you when you reach home. See the Coleman spa review to get into more detailed overview.

  • With the spa pump, it is extremely easy to set-up.
  • Installing process doesn’t require any tools.
  • It has an incredible detection system of a ground fault.
  • The guide DVD assist in installing and maintaining this hot tub.

Intex 85in 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Portable Hot Tubs
Portable Hot Tubs

It is made from thousands of strong polyester fibers that provide incredible strength and comfort. It is the best choice for a luxury spa to heal your mind and body for years. In the interior of the spa, there are 140 bubble jets. These high-powered bubble jets will surround you and offer you a pleasant massage.

Want a sturdy yet soft side tub with all impressive features? Now the Intex 85in has all you desire. It is equipped with hard water treatment. As soft water is harmless to the spa and gentle on the body. It has a simple user-friendly control panel. This large portable tab is difficult to move but the handles make the mobility like breeze. It offers easy maintenance and a refreshing massage.

It has a friendly control panel. You can adjust the temperature according to your preference and weather conditions. If you want a great relaxing massage just click the button. So with easily accessible control panel now your relaxation is on your fingertips.

As we know hard water cause hindrance in the heating system. It also decreases the lifespan of your portable hot tub. This super portable jacuzzi filters hard water and converts it into the soft water. Maintaining this hot spa is not a big deal. You just have to replace the two filter cartridges to enjoy a refreshing sauna for a long time.

It has side handles for comfort and easy portability. Due to the carrying bag, it is also convenient to transport and store. You can add 290 gallons of water without any stress. This spa can accommodate six adults so that you can relax with our friends and family. Find all the technical details in intex spa review.

  • It has an advanced hard water convertible system.
  • Intex offers one year of warranty for their valuable customers.
  • It has a large volume of water.
  • It is thick, strong and puncture resistance.

Modern Depo Portable Jacuzzi Spa

Best Portable Spa
inflatable spa

Robust portable spa comes with charcoal grey Rhino technology. It has 6 reinforced layers of premium PVC liner. These layers result in superb quality, strength, and performance. This blow-up hot tub 73×27 inches. Due to its square shape both the opposite sides have the same measurement.

Rhino Technology is responsible to give to a sturdy yet inflatable jacuzzi. The air camper is not a stumbling block in your peace of mind. What else you desire at such a price?

Kids love to play in the water. This reviewed Modern Depo can accommodate 4 adults with two kids. So, let your little ones to play while you can take a peaceful bath. The charming color along with the pretty design is worth buying. For an unforgettable bubble massage, it has 132 air jets. These jets release thousands of bubbles. The external control panel and built-in heater benefits you a lot. The bias air chamber style is equipped with quiet technology.

For pure clear water, it has an automatic filtration system. This system works for four hours. Now get relaxed and stress-free after a long working day. Four adults with two kids can fit well in this inflatable spa. With a large water capacity like 245 gallons, it’s best to have fun for kids. As kids love playing, especially in water.

The square shape design makes it unique from other soft side tubs. It has an eye-catchy charcoal color with a gorgeous design. Both the unique shape and design are enough to grasp your attention. To keep your desired hot tub secure, it comes with a lid. A lid prevents water to get hard quickly. It has safety buckles. These buckles connect the lid to the ground mat.

  • An exclusive square shape.
  • One year manufacturer’s warranty is provided by the company.
  • The material is thick and reliable.
  • The pump is a lot quiet as compared to others on the market.

Coleman SaluSpa AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Inflatable Hot Tub: Coleman
portable jacuzzi

Does top-rated products are always your priority? Then Coleman SaluSpa is the right choice for you. It is praised by a lot of customers. 71 percent of customers give it 5-star rating. It has enough room for four persons. The powered bubbles make you Calm down within minutes. It has 114 air jets and a comfy cushioned floor. Durable TriTech material along with I Beam construction is used while manufacturing it. It also consists of a lot of accessories to make your spa experience healthy.

This top-rated insolated hot tub has a cushioned floor. A drain valve is also embedded to empty this blow-up hot tub. So that you can easily transport and store it. This structure distributes the wall into sectors for the utmost stability. Its rigid body can even let you sit on the edge without any fear.

Its pump gets attached to one side of the wall. It can heat a roundabout 5F in two hours. You can increase or decrease the temperature as per desire. The lock clips on the outer cover ensure impeccable security. It definitely worth the money. Its square shape and grey color is attractive. So Pay for this inflatable jacuzzi and enjoy a mesmerizing spa.

Comes with a protected cover with lock clips. The heating process becomes fast when you put the cover on the tub. For perfect insulation, there is a built-in air chamber inside the cover.

Its digital control panel has 8 options. These options include locking, heating, massage, timer, temperature, and other buttons. The center LED on the control panel will show the temperature.

Coleman offers 360 days warranty for the heater pump. For pool liner, they offer 180 days warranty. Hoses and other accessories have 30 days of warranty.

  • Portable spa is surprisingly comfortable.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.
  • A rigid body due to strong construction.
  • Comes with two handles on the wall help in mobility.

ALEKO 145 Gallon 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

2 Person Hot Tub
blow up hot tub

This ALEKO 145 Gallon 2 Person Inflatable Hot Tub is top choice for couple spa. This two person blow-up spa offers fantastic metal and physical health. Peoples from all walks of life can easily afford it. You can place it anywhere, it will not occupy much space. It can be a personal spa for you. Sit back and get a wonderful massage from 130 powerful bubble jets. The filter and the heaters work outstanding. Regular immersion in hot spa provides various health benefits. Whether its high blood pressure, sore muscles, chronic pain or joint pain.

This blow-up spa is only for two persons. This hot spa can occupy approximately 545 liters of water. So enjoy a healthy plunge bath with your partner. About 100 to 130 powered bubble jets offer pleasurable massage. This soothing massage will give you relief from the horrible pain.

The maximum temperature offered by this oval spa is 108 °F . After reaching the desired temperature, the heating system turns off. It turns on again if the 2 degrees fall from the temperature you set.

Aleko cares about its customers. Drinking while relaxing in the hot tub is very exciting. This portable spa has a tray having two drink holders. Now enjoy drinks with a cozy steam bath. They will be cured in an instance. It also comes with a tray for holding drinks. Now take a sip while getting rid of all the stress.

You just need a hose to connect, then select the inflate option from the control panel. Without any external pump, this portable Jacuzzi inflates within minutes. 900Watts is required for the heater. Jets use 600Watts power. While the filter needs 30Watts powers to work.

  • Comes with a drink holder tray.
  • Filtration process does not make any noise.
  • Heater works just phenomenal.
  • Oval hot tub does not occupy much space.

Realtree SaluSpa MAX 5 Inflatable Hot Tub

Inflatable Hot Tubs 2019

Buying Realtree SaluSpa MAX 5 Inflatable Hot Tub is a sophisticated home spa at a reasonable price. It is ideal for a couple and friends. It has seating capacity for 4 peoples. It has an automatic start and stop heating system. The I Beam constructions ensures superior stability. It can heat up to 104°F or 40°F . It features a smooth insulated floor with a drain valve. The upper cover has safety lock clips to prevent heat loss. The spa pumps have a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI).

A soft-touch digital control is also located on the top of the spa pump. This digital panel has access to all features with a single touch. So buy this stylish tub and soak your sore muscles or unwind yourself after a hard day. This has eye-catchy Realtree print outside. While there is mosaic paint inside this spa. It looks great on the lawn or a wooden deck. Due to its trendy design, it looks great both inside and outside the home.

It has a luxurious digital panel. The panel gets auto-lock after five minutes. Touch buttons for filter, inflation, heat, temperature, bubble massage, are there. This soft-touch panel has a central LED for display. For easy lifting, two side handles help a lot. With these handles, you can move the empty hot tub with ease.

For clean and refreshing water, this portable spa has an integrated filter system. It also offers a chemical floater that releases chlorine to kill all the harmful organisms. This portable jacuzzi has an insulated floor. The floor also has a drain valve for effortless drainage of water. The floor is soft and does not require any cushion.

The spa is responsible for many jobs. The spa inflates using this spa pump. On top of this pump, the digital control panel is installed. So we can say that all the functions like heating, filtration, inflation, is done by this spa pump.

  • Installation is pretty fast and simple.
  • Trendy Realtree’s design looks fabulous.
  • Has all the luxurious features at such an affordable price.
  • There are two handles on both sides for easy transportation.

Goplus Outdoor Full Size Inflatable Hot Tub

Best Portable Hot Tub 2019.
6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

It has a rapid heating system. It has an approximate heating time of 35°F per hour. Which is unbelievable. The water can get warm to the maximum temperature of 104 °F. It is made up of high-quality PVC material. The PVC material ensures superior strength. It is reliable to use both indoor and outdoor.

If you are looking for a pleasurable spa in economical price, then here you are. This Goplus has every function you want. It has a smooth bubble full body massage functionality. For long service life, robust PVC material is used in manufacturing. The digital control panel is user-friendly. It has a removable filter for refreshing water. The two handles located on the sides provide easy maneuverability.

The PU outer cover is best for safety as well as retaining temperature. It has an attractive navy blue color. So release your sore muscles after a tiring day with Goplus hot tub review. Smooth bubbles are enough to heal your body with a pleasant massage. The bubbles are omnidirectional. This massage can improves your sleep and helps in releasing stress.

Now inflating a hot tub is not difficult at all. Just insert the hose into your portable hot tub. You do not need any specific inflation pump. For the best spa, this portable Jacuzzi comes with an insulated cover. The cover helps in minimizing heat loss. It can also prevent rain, dust and other elements to enter into the tub.

The overall package includes one spa pool, an inflation hose, a filter cartridge, and a rubber plug. One PU cover with a zipper is also offered with this blow-up spa.

  • Super easy to set-up and operates.
  • Very roomy even for tall persons.
  • All the instructions are easy to understand and apply.
  • Gorgeous square shape.

Bestway Helsinki Bubbles Massage Inflatable Hot Tub

Portable Hot Tub: Bestway Spa
Bestway Inflatable Hot Tub

Want to relax after a hard day? Bestway Helsinki is there to heal your body. It can perfectly fit from five to seven persons. The 83 air jets on the bottom provide you with an exclusive soothing massage. Its exclusive style makes it’s unique from others on the market. It has a modern wooden color that looks great in your garden yard. The aluminum foil coating in the cover keeps water hot. It comes with a pump, spa liner, cover, filter, a dispenser, and a repair kit. So get ready to relax your muscles with this portable hot tub.

This rigid portable spa is constructed with strong drop stitches. This ultra-rigid material ensures long-lasting durability. The AirJets releases bubbles from the bottom to provide you with the brilliant hot bubbling spa. The soothing bubbles give a soothing massage to eradicate your fatigue.

This inflatable spa is suitable for a single up to seven people. It has spacious surroundings that let you enjoy and spend a great time with friends or family. Stretch out and have peace in this blow-up hot tub. Helsinki Spa review includes a cushioned insulated floor that is convenient to drain this inflatable hot spa.

This hot tub has leading safety features. Its ground fault detection system detects an earthed power supply. For double protection, it also has excessive sensitive Residual Current Device. You can get a pleasant spa experience just in three simple steps. Inflate it with the provided hand pump. Fill it with the water. Wait until the water gets warm as desired. Now you are ready to slip away your tiredness.

  • Comes with two years warranty for the pump and a year warranty for liner.
  • Absolutely easy to set up with clear instructions.
  • It’s too roomy to fit a taller person.
  • Lid keeps the water warm for a long time.

Gymax 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Best inflatable spa.

Gymax Outdoor spa best suits you if you want a family spa which is easy on the pocket. A family of six members can relax and get a magnificent cure. It can convert hard water into soft water. As soft water is healthy for the skin. For transportation just grab the handle. It has effortless mobility and maintained. The panel has all the necessary options like filter, heat, bubble, and temperature.

It is available in two colors which are beige and coffee. Both colors have different designs. Don’t hesitate to buy this inexpensive hot spa. GYMAX will offer a great relaxing experience for your whole family. Water capacity for this portable hot tub is 264 gallons. This woody tub is equipped with hard water treatment. This built-in system makes water gentle on your skin. So that you can have a healing spa experience.

It has 63 inches of inner diameter. While the outer diameter is 82 inches. With this diameter, it can warmly accommodate six members of a family. You can maintain this blow-up hot tub just by replacing the filter cartridge. Proper maintenance will provide you the clean and refreshing water. Regular care can also increase the lifespan of this tub.

The top lid is made up of Polyester laminated PVC. The blackish lid has lock clips for optimal protection. Its insulated property and locks reduce the heat loss. This affordable cheapest hot tub is manufactured from smooth but high-quality material. You can get the advantage of it both outdoor and indoor. See the Gymax review to know more about it.

  • Inflatable jacuzzi has a built-in hard water treatment system.
  • A unique woody design.
  • Economical price with numerous features.
  • You do not need any tool or assistance during installation.

Aleko 210 Gallon Inflatable Hot Tub

4 Person Hot Tub

Now just with a touch of a finger, you can get access ultimate pleasure. The blue and white color combination looks cool. This can be a good choice but unfortunately, it has more negative reviews. As nothing can be perfect, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

This rounded hot spa by Aleko is for 4 persons. It is ideal for curing muscular pain, stress, and anxiety. For massage, all the bubble jets work together and provides the utmost relaxation. Unlike other hot spas, ALEKO spa has a maximum temperature of 108 Degrees. Inflation and deflating only took a few minutes. The digital panel has a bubble jet, temperature, filtration, and heat functionality.

Motorized water bubbles surround you from everywhere. These bubbles bestow you with an incredible massage. This soothing massage will get you peace of mind and body. This soft side tub is ideal for various health benefits. It is best for stress, anxiety, joint or muscle pain. Its regular usage will improve your sleep and give you the utmost satisfaction.

In combine, this inflatable Jacuzzi needs 1500 W input. For bubble massage, the input power will be 600 watts. Whereas 900 watts power will be required for heating and filtration. As per the company you should not use heating functionality for more than 48 hours. The heating time is about 1 to 3 degrees per hour. The time can also depend on the temperature of the water used to fill the tub.

Accessories like the fitted cover, inflation hose, filter cartridge with cover, ground cloth and a rubber plug come with this rounded hot tub. These accessories help a lot in installing and maintaining the hot tub.

Goplus 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

inflatable jacuzzi

For a newly-wed couple, it just a fantastic choice. It is perfect for couples. This insolated hot tub by Goplus can occupy four persons. For people with joint and muscle pain, the bubble massage is just like a blessing. It has a splendid temperature range. The maximum temperature can reach 108 degrees. Wao! That’s shocking. Goplus ensures superb protection with an insulated cover which also has locks.

The filter is replaceable and washable. The dual handles provide good portability. The digital controller is easy to reach and operate. For inflation, you don’t need any pump. The stunning color with a square design is worth buying. The sturdy I Beam construction is ready to cause a spell on you.

The inner side of this outdoor pool has an installed filter. The filter is removable and extremely easy to replace and clean. It thus provides better quality water to cure your fatigue. Overall 130 omni-directional bubble jets can bring comfort to your body. These high-powered bubbles offer blissful comfort to sore your muscles.

Its automatic inflation system saves your time and energy. You can store and move it without any trouble. Because of its small size, it takes tiny storage space. This easy to operate controller has four choices to make. You can adjust temperature and heat as per will. You can also utilize the massage and filter options. Goplus hot tubs use durable I Beam structure. It is too strong and can bear a lot of weight on the edges without collapsing. You can sit on the edges without the stress of bending. Four family members or friends can slip away their stress with the magnificent cure. The recommended water for this inflatable spa is 147 gallons.

  • Installation process of this hot spa is just like a breeze.
  • Fast heating feature.
  • Digital controller is user-friendly.
  • Temperature can even reach to 108°F.

Gymax 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

soft side tub

This adorable inflatable hot spa by Gymax is an inexpensive one. With the four-person seating capacity, it is great for friends and couples. It can contain 210 gallons of water. It has plenty of space for a family with two or three kids. The heating time for this inexpensive hot tub is 1 to 1.5oC per hour. It has hard water treatment technology to offer healthy water. The top lid has amazing lock clips. Each of them can be lock or unlock with a key providing impressive security.

You can set-up and maintain it without any difficulty. Ease your stress with the bubble massage. Now have a great quality time with friends and family with this affordable GYMAX 4 Person spa. The overall 130 air jets release bubbles in all directions. These bubbles give you a fantastic massage to unwind yourself after a busy day. The overall package contains inflation hose, filter cartridge with cover, repairing kit and instructional manual. Other accessories like rubber plug, ground cloth and one PU cover with zipper are also included.

This inflatable Jacuzzi bestows you with clean and refreshing water. It comes with filter cartridges that have a lifespan of 120 days. After that, you have to replace it to increase your spa life. Through the digital panel, you can set the temperature and heat. The panel also has other options like filter and bubble massage.

This soft side tub assures ultimate safety. The outer cover has lock clips. But unlike other lock clips, these have locks. You can lock and unlock them with the provided key. This hot spa has a precise heating system. The maximum temperature is 104oF or 40oC. You can select the maximum or any desired temperature from the digital panel.

  • Cover has double locks for the utmost protection.
  • Very easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Affordable price hot tub with all impressive features.
  • Comes with 180 days of warranty.

Aleko Family Size Inflatable Hot Tub

best portable jacuzzi
best inflatable jacuzzi

This spa has a fitted matching cover. The cover is easy to use. Put the cover on the tub and snap it. Now your spa will be clean and protected. Inside the cover, there is an aluminum foil coating that keeps the water warm for a long time. It has an adorable square shape. The black and white color combination along with the square shape looks elegant.

The digital panel is installed on the top of one of the walls. It is easy to access and use. Options like bubble massage, filtration, temperature, and heat are there. There are two up and down arrows to adjust the desired heat and temperature. The tub is made up of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) material. In the upper cover, polyurethane material is used. The cover is insulated and has aluminum foil underneath.

This ALEKO 6 Person portable spa is suitable for 6 persons use. It is a good choice for a family of 6 members. It has 250 gallons of water capacity. You can heat the water to a maximum of 108 degrees. It generally takes one hour to raise the temperature to 5 degrees. Pamper yourself in the omnidirectional 100 to 130 bubbles and get a peaceful massage. One of the sides of the wall is equipped with a digital panel. For a delighted spa experience inflate within minutes. For storage deflate it within 5 minutes. The black and white color combination with a square shape is attractive. So soak your body in this spa and wipe out all the fatigue.

According to inner dimensions, all sides are 59 inches long and the depth is 26 inches. In outer dimensions, all the sides are 73 inches long with 26 inches height. This portable hot spa accommodates 945 liters of water. If the water temperature isn’t very cold, then it will be warm soon.

  • Black and white color combination looks adorable.
  • Can accommodate up to 6 persons with ease.
  • Within minutes, it can inflate and deflate.

Intex PureSpa 77in Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub

Nothing works better than a soothing, warm spa to eradicate whole day stress and fatigue. Intex 77in massage SpaSet is perfect for small families. Four family members can get together in it and enjoy a healthy warm spa. For a pleasant spa, it has a hard water filter system. You can add up to 210 gallons of water in it. Its wonderful heating system let you set the temperature range from 68 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. For ease of mobility, it offers handles. This round shaped inflatable jacuzzi is perfect for spa loving families.

The laminate PVC material is used in the construction. The internal construction is of 48 Fiber-Tech beams. It is designed with the latest Fiber-Tech construction. It has superior stability with a comfortable surface. It has a built-in treatment for hard water. Hard water limits the water flow and reduces the lifespan of any hot tub. This amazing inflatable jacuzzi filters all the minerals and makes the water harmless.

Activate the 120 powerful bubble jets to achieve a mind-blowing spa. This cheerful experience will bestow you with the ultimate peace of mind. For painless movability, this blow-up spa has a transportation bag. Now you can have a warm sauna outdoor as well as indoor. Intex offers a lot of bells and whistles for an extraordinary spa experience. These include headrest, LED lights, cup holder, spa seat and a maintenance kit. To minimize the heat loss and to maintain the temperature, this inflatable spa has an insulated cover. The cover also has buckle locks for extra protection.

  • All the required accessories come with this portable spa.
  • Has a maximum temperature of 108 oF.

Inflatable Hot Tub Guide For Buyers

Explore the complete buyer’s guide to choose a perfect Inflatable Hot Tub. As we are here for the hunt for the your spa, so there a few suggestions for you. Now let’s discuss the features which make a hot tub superior to others. These tips will help you to pick the right choice for yourself.

Maximum Temperature Range

If you are living in a cold area, go for a maximum of 108oF temperature. For region having moderate temperature, the maximum of 104oF also works great. As the more the temperate, the more the electricity bills.

Heating System

Check the working temperature of the tub you wish to buy. As a few hot tubs do not work in extremely cold weathers. If you live in a freezing cold area, then you must check the temperature before spending your money.

Digital Panel

Select the spa having maximum options on the digital panel. The digital panel must be installed on the tub or the nearby pump. If it is far away from you, then it will be inconvenient.

Check the Warranty

Some of the blow-up hot tubs offer 1 to 3 months of warranty. For your peace of mind, select a spa having a year or minimum 6 months warranty.

Read Reviews

Reviews determine the quality of the product. Always pick a product having more positive reviews and a good star rating. You can also choose a spa having fewer reviews but they must be positive.

Benefits Of Portable Spa and Tub

Beside enjoying bubble massage, these portable hot tubs have dozen of advantages related to physical and mental health.

  • One of the greatest benefits is the peaceful relaxation in your own space. As for a delightful spa experience, you do not have to go anywhere.
  • A hot tub gives you a chance to pamper yourself in hot therapeutic water. Building your own pool or permanent hot tub is exorbitant. You cannot move it anywhere. But luckily hot tubs are portable. You can move it to your room, lawn, anywhere you desire.
  • A portable hot spa is also easy to store. Just deflate and it’s ready to store. It is hassle-free to install and use. An inflatable Jacuzzi is ideal for people who love taking a bath in privacy.
  • One of the major advantages of blow-up spas is health benefits. It is very helpful in easing your sore muscles. Good sleep is extremely necessary to continue your duties on the next day. Lack of sleep is harmful to both the brain and the body.
  • Use the blow-up tub an hour before sleep, it will reduce your body temperature.
  • Soaking your body before going to bed gives you a better sleep. You can get relief from arthritis, migraine, and rheumatic pains.
  • As heat plays a vital role in easing tissues within joints. People suffering from joint pain, high blood pressure, and swelling founds a hot spa remarkable.
  • If you have back pain, sore muscles or even stiffness, you will get a great benefit from it. Nothing can give you more pleasure than soaking yourself in warm seamy water.
  • Working for a whole day also stress you out. The mesmerizing hot spa will help you to get rid of stress and anxiety.
  • Take a hot bath improves blood circulation.
  • Nowadays everyone is busy in their own circle of life. A portable hot tub gives you a chance to have great communication with friends and family.
  • Better communication and enjoyment can give you the relaxation of mind. It also improves your psychological and emotional state. So buy your favorite hot tub now. Just pump it up, fill, heat the water and get ready for a magnificent cure.

What Features To Look For In an Inflatable Hot Tub

Below are the tips and prominent features to check before buying inflatable hot tubs.

Jacuzzi Spa

Different portable Jacuzzi has different prices based on their quality and features. You can get a good quality inflatable hot tub from $320 to $700. For the luxurious hot tub having all lavish features needs more than $1000.

Seating Capacity

Different portable spas have different seating capacities. The seating capacity of a hot tub is from two to eight persons. Realistically, there are three types of hot tubs based on seating capacity. A portable spa for 2 persons, for 4 persons, and 6 to 8 persons.

Water Storage

Water capacity can also vary from tub to tub. Recommended water is from 140 to 270 or 300 gallons concerning the size. The large the size, the more water it can occupy.


Basically, there are two shapes for the inflatable hot tubs, which are circle and square. A rarely founded shape is oval.  A portable spa for two persons only has an oval shape.

Jet System

There are two types of jets offered by portable spas. These are air jets and water jets.

  • Air jets: The hot tub with this feature has a ring on the floor. The ring has serval holes in it. For massage, the pump blow air from these holes. A portable hot tub with this feature is inexpensive. They are noisy too. They can also decrease the temperature of 1 to 2 degrees after every hour.
  • Water jets: Hot tubs feature water jets are very rare. With the help of a water pump and water pipping, the hydro jets works. This type of massage focus on one point. They are less noisy and do not drops the temperature. The spa having this feature is extremely expensive as they need special construction.

Top Lid

Almost every portable Jacuzzi has its own lid. A top cover is important for maintaining clean water and its temperature. A lid has lock clips and an insulating layer in it.

Hard water Treatment

All the good quality inflatable spas have this feature. This system prevents the pump from damage. Harmful minerals can cause build-up in the pump. The hard water treatment system filters all of them and gives healthy water.

Filtrate System

Every good quality spa set has a filtration system. The given filter cartridge just has a few days of life. You need to change it to maintain refreshing and clean water.

Heating and Temperature

An inflatable hot tub has maximum a temperature of 104 °F or 40 °F. There are a few, but they exist that offer a max temperature of 108 °F.

Digital panel

Without a digital panel, a spa is challenging or impossible to use. A control panel has serval options like inflation, heat, temperature, massage, and filter. A digital panel is installed on the top of the spa or the pump.

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